What Do Venture Capitalists Look For in a Startup?

So you have the next brilliant idea for a startup and all you need now are the funds to make it happen!   All too often, entrepreneurs are great at executing the ideation phase, but not bringing the product to fruition due to lack of funds and business experience.  The fact of the matter is that [...]

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How to Approach Venture Capitalists

Venture capital firms are constantly inundated with a steady stream of emails asking for funding.  This approach is quick and easy, but hardly effective.Spending time researching and building up your own unique approach to gaining funding is the best way to actual secure the money your business needs.  Going after funds without any real effort [...]

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Private Equity Vs Venture Capital

There’s a lot There’s a lot of confusion for businesses that are seeking capital regarding private equity vs. venture capital, and it’s easy to see why.  Both are targets for securing funding, with the goal of growing the company.   However, there are quite a few key differences between private equity and venture capital that will [...]

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