How do Venture Capitalists Make Money

How do Venture Capitalists Make MoneyTraditional venture capital funds have a fiduciary responsibility to their investors also known as limited partners(LPs), to make money. While regional development focused funds, sovereign wealth funds and social impact funds might have mandates other than just making money for their sponsors. In this article, we will only be focusing [...]

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What can my VC do for me other than money?

What can my VC do for me other than money?Entrepreneurs should view their investors as part of the team that can help bring resources to your company. While some investors are more ‘hands on’ than others, some VC’s will remain passive unless you have a specific ask. Having a well diversified investor base, with multiple [...]

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The Venture Capital Investment Process

Every new process or system we learn about in life can at first seem daunting. The idea of asking complete strangers for large sums of money is downright terrifying.  But once you understand the process inside and out and understand that you have something to offer, that it’s an exchange from which both parties benefit, [...]

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Why Raise Money from Venture Capital Institutions

Should your business pursue venture capital funding? There are several factors and reasons this path could be a great fit, but keep in mind that VC funding isn’t a good solution for every business.Keeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages of VC funding will guide you in making this decision.Here’s a breakdown of different reasons [...]

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Venture Capitalists vs Angel Investors

So you’ve decided it’s time for your company to grow with some outside funding. Now you’ll want to learn as much as you can about investors so you can find the best fit for your business.There are several key differences in approach between angel investors and venture capitalists when you are considering what will be [...]

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What Do Venture Capitalists Look For in a Startup?

So you have the next brilliant idea for a startup and all you need now is the funds to make it happen. All too often, entrepreneurs are great at executing the ideation phase, but fail in bringing the product to fruition due to lack of both funds and business experience.  The fact of the matter [...]

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How to Approach Venture Capitalists

Venture capital firms are constantly inundated with a steady stream of emails asking for funding.  This approach is quick and easy, but rarely effective.Spending time researching and building your own unique approach to gaining funding is the best way to actually secure the money your business needs.  Going after funds without any real effort makes [...]

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Private Equity Vs Venture Capital

There is plenty of confusion for businesses that are seeking capital regarding private equity vs. venture capital, and it’s easy to see why.  Both are targets for securing funding, with the goal of growing the company.   However, there are quite a few key differences between private equity and venture capital that will affect how your [...]

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