At Stout Street Capital we believe that outsized can be achieved through investing in early companies that are post-product, post-revenue, and show a qualifiable value addition to existing processes in any industry. Fund II will focus on frontier tech industries such as SaaS (Software as a Service), artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, advanced materials, and payment-processing solutions in the continental US and Canada.

We believe our value addition for companies we invest with are…

  • A Network of similar VCs to syndicate current investment rounds.
  • Relationships with larger VCs who can lead Series A and Series B rounds.
  • Assistance to CEOs in finding talent through our network.
  • We expect Fund II invest up to 100 total portfolio companies, reaching a critical mass for greater cross-selling opportunities between portfolio companies.

Current Investments Across The US

We have invested in 37 companies in 16 states across the US.  We believe our networks have enabled us to get a steady inflow of high-quality VC deals from hotbeds across various regions.

Our Proven Methodology for Identifying Great Businesses


Our growing network of  venture capitalists, new business incubators, and community leaders across the United States allows us to scout for high-potential, early-stage companies in select high-growth markets, including technology,  robotics, Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, and medical technology.


Meeting with a company’s founders and officers is the top priority in our evaluation process. We work to understand the commitment and conviction behind an idea. We value a great management team as it is one of the most important criteria for success.


Due diligence helps to ensure a quality portfolio. Our  process includes vetting business plans, analyzing markets, and verifying the uniqueness of concepts.  We pride ourselves on the efficiency of our thorough process, which allows us to maintain a high volume of deal flow.


Our role in portfolio companies is semi-active. We do not take board or management positions,  opting instead to collaborate with entrepreneurs to expand their networks and connect them to opportunities and resources to grow their businesses.