PowderKeg – The Denver + Boulder Startup Scene


PowderKeg - The Denver + Boulder Startup Scene "“For years, people have been calling the Denver + Boulder tech scene the next Silicon Valley,” Dholakia says. “But Colorado has developed its own distinct culture and personality to become a competitive market for innovation [by] putting relationships, mentorship, and education first.”"

PowderKeg – Stout Street Capital


PowderKeg - Tech Startup Growth Resources "Do you love tech, but also love having the freedom to leave tech behind in favor of the mountains, woods, and lakes every now and then? So do the people of Denver and Boulder. Instead of striving to recreate Silicon Valley, the Denver and Boulder communities have done the [...]

Indianapolis Business Journal – Costello


Indianapolis Business Journal - Costello "Those investors include Omaha, Nebraska-based Dundee Ventures; Indianapolis-based Collina Ventures; Irena Goloschokin, a former chief strategist and local firm T2 Strategies; Denver-based GAN Ventures; Denver-based Stout Street Capital; and Palo Alto, California-based Social Capital."

PowderKeg – Stout Street Capital


PowderKeg - Stout Street Capital "Take our first guests on this episode, John Francis and Clay Gordon, the founding partners of Stout Street Capital in Denver. As venture capital fund managers, they’re dedicated to building meaningful cross-selling opportunities among their portfolio companies. "