UNMET Arizona Fall 2020 Highlights

UNMET AZ Fall 2020 is a virtual conference co-hosted by Arizona Commerce Authority and Stout Street Capital aimed at bringing increased venture capital investments to the state of Arizona by showcasing the diverse startups to a national and international investor audience.

The conference spanned from October 5th to Nov 2nd and hosted 125 startup companies at various fundraising stages with 67 of those companies representing the state of Arizona. The conference also successfully attracted more than 150 investment funds focused on investing in fast-growing Seed and Series A funding-stage companies. The conference exceeded the mandate of having at least one investor for very entrepreneur attending the event.

UNMET Conferences are aimed at fulfilling an unmet need for venture funding in companies located outside of Silicon Valley. UNMET Arizona Fall2020 has helped achieve this goal. UNMET Arizona Fall 2020 were able to make 429 connections and 71.7 hours of investor engagement on the platform. In the last 12 months, UNMET has raised over $100M in funding for startups from the two events: UNMET Denver 2019 and UNMET AZ Spring 2020. UNMET AZ Fall 2020 is projected to raise another $37M of funding in the next 6 to 12 months.

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